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was "say what?" we are asking you to share your condolences and thoughts about chuck brown on our web site and facebook page. we will be covering this the route the newscast and we will bring you the latest as soon as we can. >> i like many will say the first thing i remember about chuck brown is his voice. he had a voice you would never forget. many people are already sharing this story on facebook, twitter, and our web site as well. we invite all of you out there to go to any social media outlet to join and remembering check brown, his music, his influence. we will have more on his passing coming up at 5:30 at 6:00. >> now we turn to some other days. drive through the district and you snowcat -- traffic cameras candy you anywhere. they will add 88 more traffic cameras and that has a driver's crying foul. >> the d.c. government insists it is all about safety. the city is trying to generate nearly 50% more in revenue from traffic cameras in the next fiscal year than it did in the last. but no enforcement has traditionally been getting tickets for running red lights and speeding. >> making
of this accident. >> we're remembering chuck brown, the legend. thousands lined up for the viewing of the man called the bond -- godfather of go-go. >> after walking around here and the atmosphere is one of a big block party or festival. they started lining up here at 6:00 a.m. this morning and for the most part, there has been a steady stream of people into the howard theatre all day. for a last look at to chuck brown, who died may 16 at age 75. the chuck brown the d.c. knew and loved laid in state. one man brought his oxygen. >> i was born and raised on him. >> i named one of my sons to brown in 1986. aiello said camacho brown is my baby's name. -- i always said chuck brown is my baby's name. >> they came with t-shirts and buttons. his children came out and mingle. >> we love the city. he is the city. he is like our eldest -- elvis. >> he gave so much love sunday as receiving a back. it is humbling but not surprising. >> the way was too much for some. one woman hecollapsed and had to be taken away by ambulance. he was dressed in death as he did in life. one man said he looked regal. >> he i
hundreds of people are flocking to chuck brown hot spots to remember the musical legend. >> the story greater thanchuck brown often told was that he as a kid is shined louis armstrong's shoes outside of the howard theatre. as an adult, he and his band were regular performers. he never managed to perform at the new howard. he was the top of the city today. >> chuck brown is nationwide dc. >> as they walk by the sign and a makeshift memorial today. >> die hard. it killed me to know he passed away. >> wind media chalk was his chance. we asked one of his proteges about it. . "wind me up" shock was his chant. >> the band never stops playing. >> would just kept the beat going between songs. >> the cut the lights on and say party over. >> his appeal was across generations. the kids like him. grandparents and the parents. >> i listen to your music all the time. >> shot was the face and a voice -- >> we are going to lower our flags to half staff. >> at the newly reopened howard theater were fans came to party in his memory, today the slide show roles as his music plays on the p a. >> we tried
the minute we hear he is speaking to the public. >> we turn to the celebration for chuck brown. thousands lined up for a chance to say goodbye to the godfather of go-go. city officials and celebrities told personal stories. sam ford has more. plucks somewhere between 10,012 thousand chuck brown fans packed into the convention center today to say goodbye to a legend. chad brown fans packed into the washington convention center. -- chuck brown fans packed into the washington convention center. it was like a rock concert. most were there to celebrate a life rather than born a death. they were from different walks of life but there to honor a man who created a type of music. >> he know it is here to stay, right? >> i am -- i have been listening to go since i was 16. >> he was mobbed whenever he appeared on the street. all generations of washingtonians. at the funeral wreath butyral the crowd exploded at another a figure -- marion barry. >> this may be the nation's capital, but gogo is the district's music thing to chuck brown. those who knew him more said it was about more. he said it was abo
on illegal campaign contributions. according to court papers, they thought brown was doing a good job pestering the mayor so he provided campaign money to keep brown's campaign alive. after the election when brown started talking to the media gore said he shredded records of payments to brown. he was apparently caught in the lie when he met september 22 with a person who was another staffer presumably wired it. >> criticized his family, just had nothing to do with the campaign or the policies of the city. it was all about personally attacking somebody. >> this may be just the beginning. >> i believe the government will charge additional people. whether i represent them or not i do not know. >> so the big question is did this go on with mayor great's knowledge. if it did, is he in big trouble? it is scheduled -- he is scheduled to return to the city late tonight. >> thank you very much. police have made an arrest in the murder of a local rapper. dennis was arrested and charged. he was shot and killed during a drug transaction near his apartment in silver spring. he was arrested yesterd
brooks for lying to the fbi. all of this revolving around the minor candidates brown. prosecutors implied a senior campaign person directed payoffs to brown. was it the mayor? was the mayor involved? we have reactions like this. >> do you think the beer do anything about this? >> of course he did. >> i like him. he is a nice man. i hope he did not. >> observers say it appears prosecutors are building toward a laundered -- a larger target. the question is whether that is the mirror or somebody else. >> thank you. an elderly man burned in an apartment fire in a mclean has died at. he was cooking in his apartment last night when his clothes caught fire. a neighbor rushed to put out flames. he was taken to the hospital where he died early this morning. he is the first fairfax county person to die in a fire since 2010. >> thousands of d.c. residents have packed up and hit the road for the memorial day weekend. many are flocking to ocean city for the unofficial start of summer. the forecast calls for warm and sunny weather for the long weekend. >> a prince william county woman is behind bars ac
team has pled guilty to lying to the fbi about payments to suleman brown the campaign treasurer pleaded guilty on tuesday to destroying evidence of payments. we'll have more on the story coming up at 6:00. >> a man and his two teenage sons died in a farming accident in kent county, maryland. they fell into a huge manure plant in kennedyville. >> it all happened on the sprawling farm back here just on the other side of those red barns with the silver medal ruth's back there. what happened was, they were working, but nobody noticed that had fallen into trouble. the family became worried and it came down and found a pickup truck and tractor running but no sign of the men and boys. they realize they were in the manure. the pit was filled with the waste of hundreds of dairy cows. the father and son had been hired to pump it out and spread the liquid manure on fields. >> it was raining on and off. i am sure the grass or concrete was slippery and probably one of them just slip then, and the other to try to save him. >> the victims have been i've been at -- identified. they were mennonites who
. >> that was horace homes. funeral plans for chuck brown and are starting to come together. a service will be held on thursday. a venue has not been chosen but it could be the convention center or the horizon center. he died last week at the age of 75. coming up on abc 7 news, a homeless man was shot and killed. >> a child is placed in a washing machine that automatically turn on. see what had to be done to free the little boy. >> a yorkie is stolen >> an airline has done a with one of its family friendly policies. >> united airlines will no longer allow families to preboard. >> this family is flying to florida today for vacation. they're counting on the extra time it will have to board with their two children. if they were to fly united they would no longer have the luxury of boarding before other families. >> it will make a harder to find a spot to put our backs. >> imagine boarding all the families. it will be chaos. >> united is doing away with early boarding for passengers with small children. in a statement released they said -- other airlines like american, u.s. airways, and delta allow fam
to the godfather of gogo. a viewing for chuck brown will be held at the howard theater. a public memorial service will be held at the washington convention center on thursday. chuck brown died at the age of 75. >> coming up, the pope betrayed by one of his closest employees. >> he was shaking. i had to pick him up. >> a toddler's suffers horrible burns. a warning for everyone out on these hot days. >> the journey that led this midshipmen to his graduation day. tropical storm continues to -- after making a mess of holiday plans. i will tell you if >> we have breaking news where virginia state police say two planes have crashed. the pilot of the other plane was taken to a hospital in fredericksburg. the crash is now under investigation. we will have more details on that situation as they become available. police are locked in a standoff with a man who was holdup in a construction crane. he allegedly stole a truck earlier this morning. he threatened officers and he may be armed. police said had no direct contact with the man but they have been shouting instructions from the ground. >> his client wil
harmful than they thought. >> pamela brown show us, they are moving their offices outdoors. >> a lot of this have been raised to believe we should sit in a room and a bucket each other for an hour. >> i pretty much will not to a meeting unless i can do it on foot. >> he wears a pedometer to reach the recommended 10,000 daily steps. >> as a get your walking shoes ready because we will go for a walk. >> the late steve jobs would regularly hold walking meetings. it makes you feel physically fetter and mentally sharper. >> imagine at the end of the day if you were in six meetings you walk six hours. >> according to a recent study by the american society sitting for more than six hours a day raises premature risk of death by 40%. a prolonged sitting is as bad for your overall health as smoking. >> if you start to look at the health risks, it is the equivalent of about a pack and a half of cigarettes. >> even if you hit the gym once a day that will not put a dent in the harmful effects of a sitting. >> doctors say you should move around once every hour or work at a standing desk. >> it is
the metro station. >> crowds are expected to line up early for chuck brown's memorial service. the public is invited to the even that starts at noon. they expect to have 14,000 people in attendance. you can watch the event live on our sister station news channel 8. >> if you are looking for a copy of the popular novel, he will not find it at the library. they decided not to carry the trilogy. they view it as pornography. it is a features an explosive story line and has been selling out in bookstores. >> a stafford county woman faces child neglect charges after three young woman -- three young children she was supposed to be watching wandered away. lasheika harmon was supposed to be watching them when she walked to -- when they wandered off. >> their plane slammed into the ground and burst into flames. the pilot of the other plane was hurt but is expected to survive. >> prince george's county investigators are looking for a man behind the robbery caught on tape. he broke into a hillcrest heights mcdonald's, demanded cash and threatened an employee. cracks also tonight many of us are aware
. = = fprtje-- for the mayor bad news. >> he promised me the job and paid me. >> brown who fellow with the mayor after gray fired him from a city job said that staffers paid him with money orders to heckle then-mayor adrienne kennedy -- adrian fenty. >> i hate to say this but the government was corrupt since i was here. >> city government here needs to be professionalized. if it takes prosecution to do it, so be it. >> harry thomas was sentenced to 38 months in prison recently for theft of public funds. one of the closest campaign aides is charged with destroying evidence. thomas gore was not only one of the treasure is for the mayoral campaign but he was the treasurer for gray's previous council campaign. gore is scheduled to appear tomorrow with his attorneys. >> marion barry spent time at all hospital for a blood clot. he said he developed a blood clot while he was waiting on a plane. he thanked doctors and said their orders to stand blood thinners and exercise. >> a jury monday to start the work week. it sounds like there is more rain on the way. >> put your best spin on that
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12